Anaerob Biomar® processes

Resource-saving wastewater treatment with a high degradation rate and energy recovery

Anaerob Biomar® processes
Resource-saving wastewater treatment and energy generation

Anaerobic processes for wastewater treatment are biological processes in which organic contaminants are converted into biogas (methane and carbon dioxide) in the absence of oxygen, thereby removing the contaminants from the wastewater.

Our anaerobic Biomar® plants have proven their worth in many practical applications. Wastewater with high organic loads is purified with a high degree of degradation using minimum power and additionally recovering energy from the biogas produced. This reduces the amount of excess sludge generated.

High conversion rates with minimum space requirements

We achieve highest volume-specific conversion rates with our anaerobic Biomar® systems, while ensuring minimum space requirements at the same time.

  • The methane-rich biogas produced is used to generate electricity or heat, thus reducing the plant’s overall CO2 emissions. In addition, anaerobic processes do not require energy-intensive aeration for oxygen input.
  • Compared to conventional aerobic processes for biological wastewater treatment, anaerobic processes produce up to 90% less excess sludge.
The benefits are crystal clear
  • Biogas/energy generation instead of sludge production
  • Improved CO2 footprint
  • Reduced wastewater charges (no heavy-polluter surcharge) thanks to high COD degradation rates
  • Compact design, small reactor volume => small footprint
  • Reactor types available for any application

Anaerobic Biomar® processes - the right process for every task

  • High-performance sludge-bed reactors Biomar® AHPx (EGSB, expanded granular sludge bed)
  • UASB process Biomar® ASB / ASBx (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket)
  • Contact biologies Biomar® AKB (CSTR – continuous stirred tank reactor)
  • Contact biology Biomar® AWR specifically for whey
  • Biomar® AD for high solids concentrations


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