Aerob Biomar®-Processes

Aerobic wastewater treatment involves organically contaminated wastewater, nitrogen and phosphorus beeing decomposed microbiologically using dissolved oxygen.

Aerob Biomar®-Processes
Removing organic content, nitrogen and phosphorus using aerobic wastewater treatment

In aerobic wastewater treatment, effluents containing organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus are removed from the wastewater microbiologically using dissolved oxygen.

Versatile range of applications

The aerobic Biomar® process is ideally suited for ensuring compliance with lowest limits (e.g. COD, BOD, P, N), which are generally required when discharging wastewater into a body of water.

Aerobic Biomar® processes are also used as a pre-treatment step prior to indirect discharge into municipal wastewater treatment plants, making it possible to avoid heavy-polluter surcharges.

Generate energy from wastewater

We use combined processes for this purpose. Our anaerobic Biomar® process can be used to generate biogas from wastewater. 

For the pre-treatment of wastewater with high organic loads, aerobic Biomar® processes can be combined with our tried-and-tested Flomar® flotation processes and anaerobic Biomar® processes.

Do you wish to reuse your process water?

We show you how it works. With biomembrane reactors or in combination with reverse osmosis membranes, we develop your plant solution for reusing water.

The purified water can then be fed back into the production process.

The right aerobic Biomar® process for every task

We use many different processes, simply because no wastewater effluent is like the other:

  • Moving-bed process Biomar® MBBR (moving-bed biofilm reactor)
  • Compact aerobic biology with internal clarifier Biomar® OKB
  • Aerobic biology with downstream sedimentation Biomar® OSB
  • Aerobic biology Biomar® OHF with downstream Flomar® flotation process 
  • Sequenced aerobic process Biomar® SBR (sequenced batch reactor)
  • Membrane biology Biomar® MBR
  • All of our processes come with EnviroChemie’s own control system for maximum process control.


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